To blog or not to blog…

About a year ago, I attended a workshop from a fellow educational technologist. He did a short presentation on Twitter and building a PLN. Although I had joined twitter in 2008, I didn’t “get it” until this presentation. I never realized how powerful 140 characters could be. Over the course of the past year, I have been learning so much. I have made connections that are impossible in any other venue…  It has truly changed my professional life and inspired me to try new ways of teaching and learning. Throughout this year, I have read many blogs and thought– gee, I could never see myself writing a blog. I don’t like to write and who really cares what I have to say!  But… just this past week, I read a Huffington Post Article (that came across my Twitter feed) from Dean Shareski (@shareski) and it changed my way of thinking.  His opening line… “Want to create better teachers? I know how. One word. Blogging.”  I want to be a better teacher so I continued reading.  The article goes on to talk about the transparency and self reflection that comes from blogging. I also loved his idea for new teachers…. “So here’s my plan. Hire a teacher, give them a blog. Get them to subscribe to at least five other teachers in the district as well as five other great teachers from around the globe. Have their principal and a few central office people to subscribe to the blog and five other teachers as well. Require them to write at least once a week on their practice. Get conversations going right from the get go. Watch teachers get better.” I LOVED it … and so, I decided to give it a try… I want to be a better teacher, I want to reflect on what I do, I want to share with others.  Here I am… and I am very excited!


  1. I’m guessing you already were a great teacher. This will simply help you to be a better one. Don’t feel pressure to post great streams of consciousness but simply share your journey. Some days that might be an inspiring quote or video, maybe a good question, a story from your classroom. Let your personality shine through and connect with others. Post comments 3x as much as you blog. Leave them your address and they’ll find you.

    So glad you’re sharing in this way.


  2. Lorri,

    Welcome to the Blogosphere! No better reason to blog 😉 I agree regarding Twitter; I often tell colleagues that Twitter is the single most indispensable professional development tool I have at my disposal. Google Reader (for reading/tracking blogs) is second.

    -Chris, cmduke


  3. Saw Dean’s tweet — congratulations on taking the leap –you will not regret it and I think you’ll find blogging an invaluable tool not only for your students, but for your own professional development as well. I’ll be following you – but let me know if we can help you out in anyway!:)

    Betsy Whalen
    VP, Social Media & Marketing
    Edmodo, Inc


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