Top Ten Tweets from #NAISAC11

These are my top 10 take aways from the NAIS Annual Conference.
In the spirit of David Letterman: (insert drum roll here)

10.  We all have smart kids. But are they good kids? #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:31:18

9. If you have a fac meeting that can be handled over email,it’s a waste of time! Move to “idea oriented” meetings #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:49:50

8. “Changing curricula can be like moving a cemetery” #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 19:24:50

7.  Effective leaders empower others with choice. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 15:31:32

6. Do we really understand the unique needs of students today? #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 16:46:33

5. If you are going to enter the arena at all, you may as well go for the gold. -Coleman #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 15:27:33

4. Changing the right amount is when some ppl say u r going too fast and some say u are going too slow. #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 17:25:03

3.  Expectation should be mastery not a grade. -Khan #naisac11 <— This is SO TRUE!!
Fri Feb 25 15:53:10

2. @JonathanEMartin: If you are not on twitter, blogs, social networking, you are missing the conversation. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:56:21

and the number one tweet from #NAISAC11….

1. We must move from silos of separation to communities of collaboration. #naisac11 #isedchat
Thu Feb 24 15:16:40

My Tweets from NAIS Annual Conference 2011

February 23- 25, 2011

“Monumental Opportunities: Advancing Our Public Purpose”

Note: This is my twitter feed (edited a bit) with some additional links and resources.

Just registered at #naisac11 Let the fun begin!!
Wed Feb 23 16:07:21

Wednesday, Feb 23rd 1pm- 4pm
Schools of the Future
Moderated by Paul Miller (NAIS)

Schools of the Future #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:17:16
(“Schools of the Future” is a new NAIS intitative. Here is the guide published by NAIS.)

What do students need to “know” and “feel”? #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:21:05

Teaching integrity and ethical decision making are essential capacities for students of the future. #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:29:18

Having trouble with wifi in session. arg! #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:30:53
(This was incredibly frustrating for me. There was free WiFi in the hotel but as soon as your crossed into the conference center, NAIS would have had to pay an additional $75,000 to have WiFi available for sessions. This is a documented issue with many conference centers. It just felt so unnatural to me to be talking about schools of the future, sustainability, global connectedness, and I couldn’t get out to the internet from my laptop (only my phone). SO- I needed my cell phone in “class” for the WHOLE 3 days!)

We all have smart kids. But are they good kids? #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:31:18

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MyFakeWall/ Diigo Project

I am beginning a new project this week with my Algebra class. Wanted to share it.

My Fake Wall/ Diigo Project

Create a Fake Facebook Wall  for a famous mathematician using MyFakeWall.

Your wall must include the following:

  1. A profile picture
  2. Completed profile information
  3. 5 photos your mathematician might have
  4. 5 friends your mathematician might have
  5. At least 5 wall posts with at least one comment and “like” on each.
  6. BONUS: Invite your mathematician to an event by someone. Comment on it.


  1. Your Diigo profile must include all websites and photos you have used.
  2. You have shared at least one quality website with the class through our Algebra1B Diigo group.
  3. Your completed project is shared with the class through our class Diigo group (on or before due date).
  4. Each person must make a quality comment on the project of the person assigned to them using Diigo stickies.

Click here for the rubric and additional details.

Here are two examples of excellent fake walls: Ben FranklinFranklin D Roosevelt

I plan to use the “extra 5 minutes” each day this week and next week to introduce this project, show examples, review Diigo and how to write quality comments, and review how to evaluate websites.

Thoughts, advice, and feedback welcome!

Here’s a follow up to this project from this school year.

What can you do with 5 minutes?

In response to the unprecedented number of snow days this year, instead of amending our school vacations or adding days to the end of the year, our Administration made the decision to add 5 minutes to each class period. The five minutes per period amounts to approximately 6.5 days of school.

When I first heard of the plan, I thought…

5 minutes…

what can you do with 5 minutes?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that 5 minutes is enough time to do some things I’ve always wanted to do in class, if ONLY I had 5 MORE MINUTES!

So here’s my list of things I can do with the additional time:

1) Work on @NCTM ‘s problem of the day

2) Watch a video of a past topic for review from KhanAcademy or YouTube (RobbWorld channel is good too!)

3) Evaluate a website posted to our class Diigo group for our upcoming  “My Fake Wall” Mathematician project

4)  Do a PSAT problem of the day

5) Discuss Math in the News via Plus MathScience Daily or NY Times

6) Watch a student created math video (One of my favorites is “Teach me How to Factor“). There are also a lot of them on Mathtrain.TV

7) Explore some math glogs about the topic we are studying

8 ) Explore some real world applications of Algebra on Yummy Math.

9) Show an incorrectly solved problem and ask the students to find the error(s).  I can use Common Algebra Mistakes or use the document camera to project a problem worked out already by a student (keeping the student anonymous).

10) Use it for some “tech talk”. I often want some time to talk about privacy settings or need a few minutes get feedback about a new feature on our website.

11) I can introduce Ten Marks. I have already set the class up with accounts but haven’t had a chance to show them around yet.

12) We can use Interactive Math to explore a concept we are studying.


Have any additional ideas? Please share!