MyFakeWall/ Diigo Project

I am beginning a new project this week with my Algebra class. Wanted to share it.

My Fake Wall/ Diigo Project

Create a Fake Facebook Wall  for a famous mathematician using MyFakeWall.

Your wall must include the following:

  1. A profile picture
  2. Completed profile information
  3. 5 photos your mathematician might have
  4. 5 friends your mathematician might have
  5. At least 5 wall posts with at least one comment and “like” on each.
  6. BONUS: Invite your mathematician to an event by someone. Comment on it.


  1. Your Diigo profile must include all websites and photos you have used.
  2. You have shared at least one quality website with the class through our Algebra1B Diigo group.
  3. Your completed project is shared with the class through our class Diigo group (on or before due date).
  4. Each person must make a quality comment on the project of the person assigned to them using Diigo stickies.

Click here for the rubric and additional details.

Here are two examples of excellent fake walls: Ben FranklinFranklin D Roosevelt

I plan to use the “extra 5 minutes” each day this week and next week to introduce this project, show examples, review Diigo and how to write quality comments, and review how to evaluate websites.

Thoughts, advice, and feedback welcome!

Here’s a follow up to this project from this school year.


4 Comments on “MyFakeWall/ Diigo Project”

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