My Tweets from NAIS Annual Conference 2011

February 23- 25, 2011

“Monumental Opportunities: Advancing Our Public Purpose”

Note: This is my twitter feed (edited a bit) with some additional links and resources.

Just registered at #naisac11 Let the fun begin!!
Wed Feb 23 16:07:21

Wednesday, Feb 23rd 1pm- 4pm
Schools of the Future
Moderated by Paul Miller (NAIS)

Schools of the Future #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:17:16
(“Schools of the Future” is a new NAIS intitative. Here is the guide published by NAIS.)

What do students need to “know” and “feel”? #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:21:05

Teaching integrity and ethical decision making are essential capacities for students of the future. #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:29:18

Having trouble with wifi in session. arg! #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:30:53
(This was incredibly frustrating for me. There was free WiFi in the hotel but as soon as your crossed into the conference center, NAIS would have had to pay an additional $75,000 to have WiFi available for sessions. This is a documented issue with many conference centers. It just felt so unnatural to me to be talking about schools of the future, sustainability, global connectedness, and I couldn’t get out to the internet from my laptop (only my phone). SO- I needed my cell phone in “class” for the WHOLE 3 days!)

We all have smart kids. But are they good kids? #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:31:18

#PBL is the future- high level of challenge, real and relevant #naisac11 (PBL= Project Based Learning)
Wed Feb 23 18:34:55
(I shared HH’s Environmental Summit, Political Convention and Public Service Announcement Projects in this session)

Having a #smartboard doesn’t make you a 21st C teacher. #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:51:28

Essential capacities for the 21st century
–          Analytical and creative thinking
–          Complex communication
–          Leadership and teamwork
–          Digitial and quantitative literacy
–          Global perspective
–          Adaptability, intitative, risk taking
–          Integrity and ethical decision making

Talking about reverse instruction! with @JonathanEMartin #naisac11 (Here is his presentation)
Wed Feb 23 18:53:35

@JonathanEMartin awesome presentation! #naisac11 (Head of School from St. Gregory College Prep)
Wed Feb 23 19:02:52

Learning about carrotmobs! #naisac11 (Here is a link to information about carrotmobs)
Wed Feb 23 19:05:09
(Here is info about this project at Prospect Sierra School)

@Foleysquared opposite of a boycott. amazing student project at Prospect Sierra School #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 19:23:11
(This is a response to Jim Foley from St. Luke’s School)

Hearing from Deborah Moore from Green Schools Initiative. #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 19:10:53

“Changing curricula can be like moving a cemetery” #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 19:24:50

Student News Action Network -Write it-Film it-Make it happen #naisac11 #isedchat
Wed Feb 23 19:53:09

Student News Action Network #naisac11 #isedchat (Photo of slide I liked)

“Teachers need to get out of default mode” to create the school of the future #naisac11 #isedchat
Wed Feb 23 20:23:00

Link PD $ to goals and mission of the school. #naisac11 #isedchat
Wed Feb 23 20:28:44

(This session was terrific. We had some great conversations. What a way to start the conference!)

This week’s #isedchat topic is: “What does the classroom of the future look like?” Thursday 7pm EST #naisac11 Join us!
Thu Feb 24 06:13:55
(I moderate a weekly Independent School Twitter Chat 7pm Thursdays. Here is this week’s topic)

Thursday, 8:00am- 9:00am
Static System/ Dynamic Ideas: Managing Tradition and Innovation in Our Schools

Static Systems- Dynamic Ideas #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:05:27

“Why Change is So Hard?” Dan Heath#naisac11
(author of Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard. We watched this video)
Thu Feb 24 13:09:56

Change takes energy! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:10:35

What looks like laziness, in some cases, is exhaustion. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:12:50

Does tradition matter? Is it a habit or a “true” tradition? #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:15:54

@aspeyer no. 😦 according to a worker yesterday, no public wifi in conf center. Too much $$ #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:20:36
(My response to Andrew Speyer – Director of IT at Choate’s tweet about lack of wifi)

Need to ask “WHY do we do what we do?” #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:22:58

Does innovation matter? … That question again! 🙂 #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:26:23

“Where do good ideas come from?” at your school. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:39:45

How do you find and share good ideas at your school? #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:44:53

If you have a fac meeting that can be handled over email is a waste of time! Move to “idea oriented” meetings #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:49:50

Ideas are a collision of smaller hunches. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:56:11
(Awesome session run by @raventech, @fivecard, and @specialkrb- twitter friends)

Opening General Session with Pat Bassett and Sheena Iyengar “The Art of Choosing”
9:30am – 11:00am (Here is the link to the live blog during the keynote)

Must move from silos of separation to communities of collaboration. #naisac11 #isedchat
Thu Feb 24 15:16:40

“What makes a leader? Fate? Chance? Choice?” #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 15:26:30

Effective leaders empower others with choice. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 15:31:32

How much time do you spend on making decisions? How many choices do we have? #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 15:53:07

Informed Intuition … Comes from hours of practice + feedback #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 16:00:03

Reason vs gut. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 16:00:48

Harnessing power of choice- control, culture, manage choice overload, informed intuition #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 16:04:49

Identify the meaningful choices. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 16:08:21

21st Century Learning at NAIS Schools: Leading and Networking for Progress
12pm – 1pm (with @jonathanemartin)

21st C learning is an organic approach to learning. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:24:09

3 out of 4 fac meetings need to be sharing #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:28:56

From @JonathanEMartin Teachers need time to talk, process, share and showcase. Me: Great!
Thu Feb 24 17:31:33

Highlight key examples of good tech– tie it to evaluation expectations and accountibility. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:37:51

Start with critical thinking! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:39:29

Create a 2 year school year PD plan #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:41:03

Set up an environment for continuous improvement. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:41:46

How do you assess critical thinking? Global competencies? #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:53:41

@JonathanEMartin: if you are not on twitter, blogs, social networking, you are missing the conversation. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:56:21

Go visit innovative schools! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 18:02:36

(Another awesome, inspiring session!)

Thursday, 1:30pm- 2:30pm
Speed Innovating: Leadership, Innovation and Technology (3  10-15 minute roundtable sessions)

Round 1: School Change Hitting the Pavement- Real World Examples of Technologies Empowering School Consitutents w/ Alex Ragone- Collegiate School (NY), Arvind Grover – The Hewitt School (NY)

Collaboration, publication and productivity with @alexragone @arvind
Thu Feb 24 18:36:44

Replaced paper newsletters/ notices with teacher blogs #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 18:40:46

Faculty social network using yammer. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 18:43:31

Switch time at speed innovating! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 18:46:52

Round 2: Painless and Paperless Faculty Evaluation with Tim Fish, McDonogh School (MD)

Next up -painless and paperless faculty evaluation!#naisac11
Thu Feb 24 18:48:12

Folio- facebook meets faculty evaluation- conversations informed by data #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 18:49:56

5 words to describe your self, goal setting,personal statement, accomplishments, self evaluation #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 18:51:00

School/ faculty defines 12 words everyone is evaluated against. GREAT! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 18:53:25

Round 3: Millions of Ideas in 600 Seconds: Google Apps @Your School with Vinnie Vrotney, The North Shore Country Day School (IL)

@vrotny will share  the presentation from this 10 minute session.

My brain was ready to explode at this point. While I really wanted to hear Dan Heath speak, I had to check in with school and check email (the lack of WiFi  was killing me!).

Here’s the live blog from Dan Heath’s session. Although I missed it physically, I was still able to “hear” about it through twitter.

RT @MrsC_teach:Findng the bright spots: Forget about the problems &focus on what is working right now.Can we do more of it? -Heath #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 20:37:59
(I liked this so I re-tweeted it. It’s a way to say AMEN! to something powerful)

Thursday, 4:30pm – 5:30 pm: Spotlight on 5 Schools Enjoying Social Media Success
(WiFi in this session because it was close to hotel– YAY!)

Spotlight on 5 independent schools enjoying social media success #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 21:34:05

Here are the 5 schools they are spotlighting:
The Children’s School (CA) , Montclair Kimberly Academy (NJ), New Hampton (NH), Walnut Hill (MA), Worcester Acad (MA) #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 21:43:02

The Children’s School- Facebook page #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 21:45:58

Bring people to more information using social media #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 21:47:29

Know your market… engaging, unique content… clear and consistent voice #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 21:48:42

If you are not enthusiastic about using social media, it will “show” ! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 21:50:06

See benefits of social media through enrollment and yield #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 21:52:52

(This was shared by someone following #naisac11- not at conference but watching the twitter stream)
RT @jasonmkern: Here is our mash-up page of how we use social media at Oakridge #naisac11 <- thanks for sharing!
Thu Feb 24 21:53:28

@irishstudies Awesome use of twitter! Learning about it from edsocialmedia session! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 21:59:17

Twitter: promotion of school program beyond the walls of the school… going global with reach #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:00:08

More on twitter: parents students and followers feel more connected to the program #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:00:56

Talk about acceptable use… use it as a teaching tool… discussion, debate and curricular application #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:01:37

facebook– 3 to 4 posts per week is good- don’t want to innundate feed… twitter is different — post more often! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:05:28

New Hampton School Live Stream #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:06:43

Live stream- student buy in, school in real time, real world classroom, institutional schowcase #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:08:46

Walnut Hill School– youtube channel
Thu Feb 24 22:11:04

Walnut Hill School -theater, ballet, opera, music channels on youtube #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:12:39

Strengths of using youtube: highlighting strengths, understanding the audience, creating a library— trying to get “artists” #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:14:02

The WA Mash using wordpress to bring it all together #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:16:21

If you got it… flaunt it, own the brand, institutional buy in, create the conversation! #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 22:18:29

@jessebardo Great presentation! Thank you !
Thu Feb 24 22:22:05

1 hr til #isedchat. “What does the classroom of the future look like? ”
Thu Feb 24 23:06:22

#isedchat from Pastimes Sports Pub.
Thu Feb 24 23:33:05

Welcome to #isedchat! from #naisac11 “What does the ‘classroom’ of the future look like?”
Fri Feb 25 00:00:10

Sarah Ludwig finished up moderating the chat because we had dinner reservations for 7:45pm.

#isedchat archive  “What does the classroom of the future look like?”

Friday 8:00am- 9:00am
Blogging Heads: Three Heads Discuss Why and How they Blog

Great session. Here is the live blog.

I was too tired to tweet during this session and still frustrated by the lack of WiFi.

Friday 9:30am- 11:00am
Independent Matters with Elizabeth Coleman, Anya Kamenetz, and Salman Khan. Opening remarks by Pat Bassett, President  NAIS

This three speaker session was modeled against TED talks. Here is the live blog from the session.

Norwood School- amazing musical performance #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 14:32:46

Is there a teacher who changed the course of your life? -@PatBassett #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 14:40:53

The best schools know kids, love kids and listen to kids.-@PatBassett #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 14:54:48

Looking forward to Sal Khan @khanacademy #naisac11 #justsayin
Fri Feb 25 15:08:31

Note: Elizabeth Coleman was really disappointing as a speaker. She read her notes with her head down most of the time. I used the time to catch up on some things happening at school (on my phone). This was one of her final statements. It was profound. I just wish the rest of her presentation was as good!

If you are going to enter the arena at all, you may as well go for the gold. -Coleman #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 15:27:33

Anya Kamenetz- Academic “Futurist”, author of DIY U and Generation Debt

What do learners want? What do learners need? What do learners deserve? -Kamenetz #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 15:31:04

Wikijunior… Need to look at that! #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 15:37:48

Behance Network – creative portfolios, projects and collaboration. #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 15:46:12

Salman Khan- Creator of Khan Academy


Yay Sal Khan! #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 15:51:15

Expectation should be mastery not a grade. -Khan #naisac11 <— This is SO TRUE!!
Fri Feb 25 15:53:10

Sal Khan was so engaging that I didn’t even want to look down to tweet during his 20 minutes. I hope his presentation was recorded. I was speechless when it was over! Here are some additional resources /tweets about Khan Academy:

RT @dgende Ten easy ways to implement Khan Academy in schools: asynchronous and synchronous #naisac11

Yes, Khan Academy IS the future of education

Friday, Friday 11:30- 12:30
Leading Change in a Facebook World

Leading Change in a Facebook World with @traviswarren. Sittin’ with @aspeyer #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 16:40:30

Do we really understand the unique needs of students today? #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 16:46:33

Where, in our curriculum, do we teach kids to market themselves? #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 17:12:34

School mandated change doesnt work. Encourage innovation, creativity and flexibility. #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 17:22:51

Changing the right amount is when some ppl say u r going too fast and some say u are going too slow. #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 17:25:03

Thank you #naisac11. Heading back to CT soon. Awesome time! Brain overload!
Fri Feb 25 17:30:02


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