Top Ten Tweets from #NAISAC11

These are my top 10 take aways from the NAIS Annual Conference.
In the spirit of David Letterman: (insert drum roll here)

10.  We all have smart kids. But are they good kids? #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 18:31:18

9. If you have a fac meeting that can be handled over email,it’s a waste of time! Move to “idea oriented” meetings #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 13:49:50

8. “Changing curricula can be like moving a cemetery” #naisac11
Wed Feb 23 19:24:50

7.  Effective leaders empower others with choice. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 15:31:32

6. Do we really understand the unique needs of students today? #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 16:46:33

5. If you are going to enter the arena at all, you may as well go for the gold. -Coleman #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 15:27:33

4. Changing the right amount is when some ppl say u r going too fast and some say u are going too slow. #naisac11
Fri Feb 25 17:25:03

3.  Expectation should be mastery not a grade. -Khan #naisac11 <— This is SO TRUE!!
Fri Feb 25 15:53:10

2. @JonathanEMartin: If you are not on twitter, blogs, social networking, you are missing the conversation. #naisac11
Thu Feb 24 17:56:21

and the number one tweet from #NAISAC11….

1. We must move from silos of separation to communities of collaboration. #naisac11 #isedchat
Thu Feb 24 15:16:40



  1. A great way to sum up your learning. My favorite is #8 ”Changing curricula can be like moving a cemetery” Why does it have to feel like moving the dead? It is time to focus on the living and move on!


  2. Lorri – Great summary and wonderful way to capture your learning from the conference. In my role I particularly was drawn to #7 – choice does matter. Great to meet you face-to-face!



    1. Yes! Glad to meet you “again”! Who would have thought that we were punching down cables and learning together since 1996? You have been part of my PLN for a REALLY long time I guess!


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