“Why Is Everything About Technology?”

As I stood behind two colleagues in the lunch line, I heard one of them talking about spending time on technology at yet another meeting. I had just given a short presentation about our updated technology plan and our Academic Tech Coordinator had recently unveiled our new plan for the Lower School technology schedule for the following year. Those updates seemed harmless to me. And yet… the feeling was: “Why is everything always about technology?”

Personally, I don’t feel like we “always” talk about technology; it just so happens that technology is everywhere. It’s everywhere you look, in everything you do. It’s just a tool though… it’s a tool to organize, it’s a tool to communicate, it’s a tool to collaborate, it’s a tool to get information. It’s not the ONLY way we do these things, but it is a tool we need to explore and discuss and learn more about, hence we talk about it…often. Maybe too often for some…

Now I ask the question… what if we did the opposite of “always” talking about technology? what if we NEVER talked about it? What if we never explored it as a faculty, tried it out, were exposed to its possibilities? What would our students look like? What would they be prepared for? Would they be prepared for college? Would you hire them? Would you let them be your surgeon?  Could they be successful in this world?

I don’t think so.



  1. Good comments on an issue that all tech faculty members deal with every day. One aspect that interests me about this is how the viewpoint can be contagious Some people start out as tech advocates and thoughtful curricular users but then join certain teaching teams and pretty soon we may hear the “always talking about technology” talking point.

    It must have something to do with the energy-consuming demands of teaching and time, as well as those complicated change issues that Dan Heath talks about in his book — when change becomes too challenging it’s easier to go with the default…


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