Creating Our Very Own

This winter, I began flipping my classroom. As a result, my Algebra 1 students have been watching a variety of videos from Khan Academy, MathTV and The students have gotten into a pattern of informally “critiquing” the previous night’s video while they are getting their books out.  The students are also quick to review which “teacher” they like best on MathTV (Preston seems to be a favorite of ours) and have even discussed that the teacher (who happens to be our former Headmaster’s son) needs to iron his shirt sometimes. They talk about the videos being too long, too boring or too fast. The funniest discussion was about Sal Khan’s Introduction to Functions video.  In the 7th minute of this video, Sal uses the example of Sal(poison) –>death as an example of a function. The kids thought this weird and hilarious!

So, with all that they have to say about everyone else’s videos, our final tech project of the year is going to be for students to create their OWN math videos. This will be a great process for review for the Final Exam. I am just beginning to think about the rubric and the time frame, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

FIRST: As a class, we will brainstorm all of the characteristics of the “good” videos we have seen this semester using Corkboard.

Then, students will:

1) Choose their groups (2 or 3 people)
2) Choose their “film concept”  (topic to be approved by me so each group is covering something different)
3) Write their script collaboratively using Google Docs. (Students will have to share their scripts with me for approval) We will begin this in class, but by using Google Docs, a lot of this collaboration can happen outside of school.
4)  Storyboard their film. (We will have a lesson on Storyboarding from Sarah Ludwig, Academic Tech Coordinator)
5) Choose a filming location (with approval from me so we know the space is available)
6) Film it using our school’s Flips (Sad that these are going away. We are just starting to use our Flips A LOT!)
7) Use JayCut to edit their videos. (We will have a lesson on this).
8 ) Have a “Film Festival” the last week of school to view.

I will begin discussing the project this week in class. It’s perfect to introduce in the “extra five minutes” I have each day. I am excited to see what my students create!  These are the experiences they will remember for a lifetime!

If anyone has any advice to share, please comment!


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