@sarah_ludwig makes me smarter!

On this last day of classes, I need to pause and reflect for a few minutes about this school year. It seems like yesterday I was interviewing for our open position of Academic Technology Coordinator and now, the year is over and I can say with the utmost confidence, that having @sarah_ludwig on board at Hamden Hall has been an amazing experience for the school, for me professionally (and personally too!)

It is not every day that you get the opportunity to work closely with someone who can dream big but has realistic goals. She also always has a plan to execute those goals, taking the small steps necessary in order to get there! She is not just a talker– she is a DO-er!  Take a look at her work on building our PK- 12 research skill progression and also her work on articulating PK- 12 digital and information literacy goals. The explosion of digital projects at Hamden Hall is a testament to the trust she was able to build with the entire community this year. Her calm and reassuring demeanor puts teachers at ease when working along side of her. Check out Sarah’s  blog for reflections of  many other projects at Hamden Hall (and outside of Hamden Hall). In the midst of working full time, being a wife and mother of a 2 year old and serving as a Tag Team Tech columnist with @joycevalenza at VOYA, she was also able to write a book “Starting from Scratch: Building a Teen Library Program” which is being published this Spring. WOW!

We had many adventures in professional development together–some of which include EdCamp NYC, TEDxNYed, weekly #isedchats and the CAIS Academic Tech Retreat. In our travels to these conferences we dreamed, planned, and solved the problems of the world– all of which benefited me professionally and personally, and Hamden Hall as a community. She makes me feel guilty when I don’t blog enough (thanks for this) and she always asks the great questions– some are difficult to answer. This is all GOOD!

The bottom line– she is SMART and she makes me smarter!  I am a better administrator, technology leader and person because of her. Having someone to test out ideas, talk through issues, and challenge me to work even harder has been an awesome experience. So thank you Sarah Ludwig! I know there has been a few bumps this year — but we made it! Looking forward to a summer of brainstorming, planning and working together to make next year even better!


  1. I just read this to Robin and seriously, this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me! 🙂 Thank you again Lorri.


  2. […] Sarah Ludwig, our Academic Technology Coordinator, came to class on the first day of the project to teach students about research. They narrowed down their topics and she guided them in finding good sources.  The second day, I introduced GlogsterEdu to students who had not used it before. This went very well and the students were excited about exploring all the options Glogster had to offer. After a bit of “play time”, we refocused our efforts on the research and continued to guide students in making good choices for graphics and videos, and in turning their research into their own words. […]


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