Celebrate Our Success!

Hamden Hall Faculty:

Here is a list of some of the awesome things we have accomplished this year:

1) Our digital projects page was created and it has grown by leaps and bounds. These projects include podcasts, glogs, blogs, videos, voice threads, vokis and much more! WOW! Our kids can produce some amazing, creative work with your guidance and committment. If you have some additional work you would like to share, send it our way!

2) Many of us participated in 19 Things for Hamden Hall. We learned all about some new productivity, presentations, research, sharing and learning tools. If you didn’t have time to participate, please feel free to take a look this summer. The winner of the Kindle will be drawn at the Faculty Dinner after graduation. Thanks to everyone who participated.

3) Beginning in March, the Middle School worked on a two-month project in advisor groups, with the outcome being ten 60-second Public Service Announcements. The PSAs were fully developed and created by students, with advisors putting in a great deal of time and energy as facilitators. Every middle school student participated in this project, either as directors, actors, writers, editors, stage managers, or camera people. Two students represented each PSA at the screening, which was viewed by the entire middle school, visitors from other divisions, and a panel of three judges. Mary Jane Smith’s group’s PSA, “Words as Weapons,” was declared the winner. To see all ten PSAs, photos taken throughout the project, and to learn more, click here.

4) We now have 221 members of our community in our Hamden Hall Google Apps domain. Students as young as 5th grade have used this tool to write collaboratively, create group presentations and share their work with others without large attachments and without multiple versions of documents being sent back and forth. For more information about Google Docs Tools for the Classroom, click here.

5) Our Professional Development blog has grown! We are sharing and reflecting upon those enriching PD experiences so that the entire community can benefit from them. If you have anything to share this summer, please email me and I will create an entry on the blog so you can share it with us!

6) We have pushed our computer lab reservations to the limit! … just take a look at the calendars in the Faculty/ Staff Center, MS/ US Center and LS Center. We were BUSY! We have been using the available laptops more and more often. I am happy to report that the Parents’ Association has generously funded a class set of netbooks (light weight, smaller sized laptops) that will be available for “check out” next year.

Here’s to an amazing summer of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation!

Summer PD Resources:
What will you learn this summer?

Virtual Summer Camp for Teachers






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