More Than A Number

For the past three years, I have had the privilege of being an administrative proofreader. After writing and proofreading my own comments, and proofreading my advisee comments, one might think that this addition task is the last thing a person would want to do. To be perfectly honest, it does seem daunting when I get the pile of half of the ninth grade. I have developed a system to get through it; I break this large task into smaller, more manageable chunks, working on a few letters of the alphabet at a time, and rewarding myself with a break after I finish each group. This system has allowed me to appreciate each student’s comprehensive report, and also appreciate what makes Hamden Hall such a special place.

With a recent #isedchat regarding student growth still fresh in my mind, I read these comments with a new perspective. I seemed to focus on statements like this:

-xxx developed then type of consistency which she and I had set as a goal for her earlier this year.

-xxx had a full year of growth in Performance 1 class. He has become a more confident improviser and a better collaborator in the creative process. It is important to be a part of a team, and he has a better understanding of this concept after a year of collaboration.

-xxx should be very proud of his growth this year. As the first semester began, it was clear right away that xxx was a bright a curious young man with a keen interest in History. By second semester, he seemed to come into his own as a student.

-this was a year of growth for xxx as he adjusted to his life and learning at Hamden Hall. I saw a lot of changes in his academic attitude during the second semester. In fact, the biggest area for growth for xxx was that he started to become a very important participant in class discussions.

-xxx has demonstrated a great amount of growth over the course of the second semester. She started to really dig into her Homework readings; she came to class ready and prepared to join in discussions; she studied methodically for quizzes and tests. Most importantly, she didn’t let the little bumps in the road (like a low test or quiz grade here or there) get her down. She just kept working hard!

These words of encouragement, capturing the growth of students could never be expressed in a number. They truly are the evidence of care, love, and concern that our teachers have for our students. I am blessed to work with such amazing educators.


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