Sick and tired of it…

Yes, I drank the Koolaid. I have been completely submerged in the twitterverse for almost 2 years now and I couldn’t imagine my professional world without it. This may sound extreme to some, but knowing that I have my own customizable professional development network available 24/ 7 just thrills me. When I’m looking to learn something, I go to twitter. When I’m looking to share something, I go to twitter. When I want to know the latest news, I go to twitter. When I want other people’s opinion, I go to twitter. When I want to be forced to think, I go to twitter.  When I need help, I go to twitter. Yes, I learn in many other ways too, but most of those ways aren’t available to me “on demand”.

So, it baffles me over the course of the past 2 years, how many people pass judgement on Twitter.

  • “Get a life.”
  • “What could you possibly say in 140 characters that’s worth while?”
  • “Twitter is for twits”
  • “Twitter is full of self-absorbed people who need to tell the world everything they are doing”
  • “Twitter is full of unsubstantiated B.S.”
  • “I’d rather spend my time publishing than tweeting” (this one makes  me laugh)

These are some of the things I’ve heard.

So– here’s what I say: Before you express such strong opinions on something, learn a little bit about it. Don’t we expect our students to do the same? Twitter isn’t for everyone, and that ‘s fine. I don’t tell you how to learn, so don’t pass judgement on the way I learn.


  1. My favorite is, “Where do you find the time?” (This really means, “You obviously have no life of your own.”) Scott Mcleod wrote a fabulous post in early June called, “If You Were On Twitter.” I think everyone who thinks Twitter is a waste of time needs to read his pos:


  2. Hi Lori,

    Well said! I get all of these so much. The latest was, ” people are saying there’s something wrong with you and that you never sleep.”. They must not have any kind of Tweet scheduling apps. Someday it will make sense to everyone. At least, that is my hope. The more we educate, the better understanding, eventually. And, I’ll second Lee’s advice on having a look at Scott McLeod’s “If you were on Twitter yesterday…”. It was a great post!


    1. Yes, I get the sleeping thing too… People are also amazed that I still find time to spend with my family, read books, watch movies, etc. Scott’s post is great. What a great way to show all the valuable resources in a very short time span!


  3. Amen sister, testify! if people stopped wasting time with vacuous crap on TV and started to actively engage with technologies like twitter they would find there is a hell of a lot of thinking going on. I initially tried twitter then thought it was a bit of waste of time, however once I had thought about it in more depth and saw some colleagues using it I realized what its true potential was. The power lay in actively managing who you follow and who follows you, creating a twitter feed that meets your needs not those of marketers, using it as a professional learning network not a personal social network (which I feel is what facebook is for). And finally twitter is great for people like me who would love to blog more but are very time poor but still want to have a say.


  4. What is worse is trying to convince a certain department at my school, whose job it is to deal with communication, of the importance of Twitter. They laugh or shake their finger at me “no, no, no.” Of course this is the same group that would tell me I have to get my blog pre-approved. Good luck with that!


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