No surprise here… When students are interested in something, they work hard!

Since my personal commitment to teaching this year is finding the relevance of mathematics in my student’s world, I decided I was going to let the students choose their own research topic for their second term project:  “Math in….”  Here is my description.

Sarah Ludwig, our Academic Technology Coordinator, came to class on the first day of the project to teach students about research. They narrowed down their topics and she guided them in finding good sources.  The second day, I introduced GlogsterEdu to students who had not used it before. This went very well and the students were excited about exploring all the options Glogster had to offer. After a bit of “play time”, we refocused our efforts on the research and continued to guide students in making good choices for graphics and videos, and in turning their research into their own words.

The topics students chose included “Math in Basketball”, “Math in Music”, “Math in Cooking”, “Math in Warfare”, “Math in Football”, “Math in Baseball”, and many more! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how excited the students were! These topics were definitely things that interested them and they were actually researching what MATH had to do with them! YAY!

The students worked hard on this project and they are being submitted to me tonight, AHEAD of the deadline! I am so excited for their presentations on Friday!

Here’s a preview of some that were finished early:

Math in Basketball 

Math in Music



  1. Lori, you make me miss the classroom. I loved these types of projects. Finding relevance is one of the absolute best ways to reflect and help students make meaningful connections to what they are learning. Kudos to your students!!!

    We started theme based family and youth gatherings with my nonprofit as well. Math in Literature Affairs, Math and Tech Affairs, and even have an annual conference “What’s the Math in This?” to explore careers and learn about ways math are used in a variety of careers.

    Looking forward to reading more about these great projects. I can feel the energy and commitment through the two projects displayed.


  2. Thanks LaToniya! The kids have really enjoyed the projects and I have so enjoyed guiding them in their learning. It’s really powerful when we can get our students get excited about math!


  3. I am interested in reading the description of the project, but the link doesn’t seem to work. Can you email it to me at chogan @ stmarysschool dot org ? Thanks!


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