Tech Addict or Learning Addict?


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I have been called a “tech addict” by some of my family, colleagues and friends. I have my phone or some device very close to me almost always. On the rare occasion that I forget my phone, I am one of those people who spend a little bit of time shaking. I can be seen on my device during any “down” time I have…waiting for pick up at my daughter’s dance class, while waiting in line at Space Mountain, sitting at a gymnastics meet (which is where I was when I started this post. Note– there are hours of down time at gymnastics meets), and sometimes even while waiting at a red light. People say: “Can’t you just sit and do nothing?” or “Can’t you just look around?”

So… Here’s my answer….

Why am I always on a device?

Now, I can’t lie. There are times I am texting a friend or I’m on Facebook, but MOST of the time, I am on twitter looking at the latest resources from my PLN (Personal Learning Network) (or sharing some!), or I’m checking out some recent bookmarks posted to one of the Diigo groups to which I belong, or I’m reading the latest educational/ technology/ e-learning and edu blog posts via zite (a customized magazine feeding me topics I choose!), or I may even be in evernote jotting down a few notes about an idea for a future blog post or an idea that has just popped into my head about a project for my class OR… most recently, I might be on Goodreads, which is connected to my Twitter account, checking out what my PLN is reading and what they thought about their latest book. Sometimes, believe it or not, I’m even reading a “real” book, digitally.

I can do all of this ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. I have unquestionably learned countless, remarkable things from my mobile devices while in some “unconventional” places.

So, maybe I am an “addict”. But what is it that I am addicted to? Is it to technology or to learning?


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