Creating “Algebra 1B Academy”!

For last tech project of the year, my Algebra class is going to create our very own version of Khan Academy!

a.k.a. “Algebra 1B Academy”


Students will create a screencast explaining 4 different examples from Chapter 11(Rational and Irrational Numbers).

• 1 example must be from 11- 5 (Square Roots of Variable Expressions)
• 1 example must be from 11- 7 (Multiplying/ Dividing/ Simplifying Radicals)
• 1 example must be from 11 – 8 (Adding/ Subtracting Radicals)
• 1 example is free choice of anything from chapter 11.

All 4 problems must be worked out, step-by-step, and submitted for approval.  Students will then use the website Screencast-o-matic“, along with Microsoft Paint, to record their writing.  Next, students will save and convert these screencasts and import them to Windows MovieMaker.  In MovieMaker, students will add a title slide and an ending slide and appropriate transitions. Students will then record your voice over the video explaining each of the problems. (I tested a few online movie making websites but they didn’t allow for a narration of an existing clip.) Students will save and export as movie file and upload to our conference.

Here is the rubric.

The students seemed excited when I announced this today! I am looking forward to the final results. This assessment replaces the chapter test.



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