My Pi Day Plan

NCTM Illuminations

Tomorrow is Pi Day! (March 14th) It’s been many years since this date did not fall during our March vacation. I am super excited that I

can celebrate it with my students. It gives me a great excuse to have some “math fun” and step outside of the curriculum!

Here’s my plan for tomorrow:

1) We will start with a video on the musical representation of Pi.    What Pi Sounds Like

2) Then we will have a pi recitation contest. The student who recites the most decimal places of pi will get 5 bonus points on the test they took today.

3) We will divide into teams and play a few rounds of Pi Day Jeopardy

4) Then I will give the students 15 minutes to complete a Pi Day Scavenger Hunt.

5) We will meet in the caf  to have pie for dessert!

That’s the plan. Let’s see how it goes.

Here are some links to resources that helped me pull this all together:

Pi Day Activities on Pinterest
PiDay 2012 Wikispaces
Education World Pi Day Party
Scavenger Hunt adapted from Mrs. Burke’s Pi Day Activities

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