Getting the (blog) monkey off my back

photoSo, my last post on this blog was on June 8th and it has been hanging over my head ever since. It’s not as if I haven’t thought about blogging. Believe me. I have thought about it. A LOT. I even have a list in my phone of things I have wanted to blog about. I just never got to it. I strongly dislike (don’t really like to use the word “hate”) the fact that one of my New Year’s Resolutions in 2013 was to blog at least twice a month. And I didn’t do it.

I’m not here to make excuses but life has been a little busy since June 8th. Well… a lot busy. Never have I had to deal with so many changes at the same time. On July 1st,  I began a new job at Hamden Hall– Acting Director of Lower School. We sold our house of 14 years, and we moved to a house on campus. All the while we tried to keep life as “normal” as possible for our two teenage daughters. Moving was tough, but purging unnecessary “stuff” was definitely liberating. And I really enjoyed reliving many amazing memories as I packed each box. But, I’m glad it’s done. I finally feel settled and somewhat organized in my work and home life. I had a relaxing and restful Thanksgiving Break. I even read a book… for pleasure – “The Other Wes Moore”. I highly recommend it.

And I also committed to “treating” myself to getting the (blog) monkey off my back! Now that I’ve admitted it publicly, the weight is lifted. I’m moving on.