Adding accountability

Although last year’s Algebra 1B review library was successful for students as they created their own screencasts using AutumsScreencastEducreations, I felt that there was something missing. Sure, a few high achieving students appreciated having the videos to brush up on skills before the exam; the rest didn’t really engage. I noticed the same thing with my own flipped lessons early on. Unless I added some “activity” to hold students accountable for watching, the students seemed to watch the videos less and less as the weeks went on. That is, until I added a little 5 question assessment!

I decided to add the same “accountability” to the student screencasts. The students needed to include and “assign” 5 problems for their classmates to complete. Additionally, needed to submit the answer key for these problems in their script.

Here’s the screencast project rubric.

The students LOVED watching their classmates screencasts and were incredibly focused watching and completing the assigned problems. I corrected them and counted it as an optional quiz. It was a win-win for everyone! 

Here are some student projects:

Autumn’s Screencast

Ava’s Screencast

Luke’s Screencast


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