Hamden Hall Lower School 2013-2014 ~ What a year!

Here are my remarks from the Final Lower School Assembly:

This year will always be a memorable one for me– my 20th year at Hamden Hall and my first one as Director of Lower School. Thank you for an amazing year! I can hardly believe that this is our last time together! It seems like yesterday that we were sitting here learning all about how to behave in assembly (remember Kathy and Fab’s bad manners!?) and then we heard a “Pep Talk” from Kid President about the difference we can make in the world… and guess what? We made a difference!

  • we provided socks for homeless and less fortunate people
  • we gathered food for the hungry at Thanksgiving
  • we provided gifts for families in need at the holidays
  • we sent our love through Valentines to soldiers in Afghanistan, including an alum, Matt Peterson
  • we made almost 500 rainbow loom bracelets for displaced children in Syria
  • and we sent over 200 cans of soup to the Hamden Food Pantry

If we haven’t made a difference… I don’t know who has!


We have had some guests in assembly including:

  • our lightening fast rubiks cube solver
  • Chinese Dancers
  • the Hamden PD canine unit
  • jugglers
  • poets
  • our Upper School Jazz Band
  • Taekwondo masters
  • the Jungle Jamboree
  • and much more!


And we have had some amazing performances from all of you!

In addition to our concerts and band performances we had….

  • 6th Grade in Schoolhouse Rock
  • 4th and 5th Grade Whaling Skits
  • 3rd grade in Little Red Riding Hood
  • 2nd grade at the May Pole
  • 1st grade danced through the decades
  • Kindergarten in their Halloween Assembly/ Soup Drive Commercial and Valentine Bake Sale Assembly
  • PK in the Halloween Assembly, First Thanksgiving and Valentine Bake Sale, as well!


We have shared much good news in assembly, and I have looked forward to this time together each week! Hamden Hall prides itself in its core values of: Excellence, Support, Participation, Accountability, Respect. The Lower School has worked hard at being examples of these values every day and I am very proud of you!

I’d now like to share a photo slide show highlighting this awesome school year!  I hope you enjoy it!

Sixth Graders — our fearless leaders of the Lower School— you will be graduating this afternoon… please don’t forget us in the Lower School! We all love and care about you and we wish you well!

Fifth Grade— when we return in September, you will be our new leaders. This is a huge responsibility, one that I hope you will take seriously. I know you can do it, and you have big shoes to fill!


To those of you who are moving on to a new school, we will miss you! You will always be a part of our Hamden Hall Lower School Family. To the rest of you, I will see you in September!

Have the most awesome summer EVER!   READ READ READ!!!  (and do some math, too!)

and I’d like to leave you with one final message from Kid President


It’s that simple!